Keep it simple

This slogan tries to let us know that there is a solution to our problem that absolutely ANYONE who is willing to take certain steps can achieve if we just follow directions


Surrender To Win

We use several paradoxical phrases in the fellowship, this being just one of them. Loosely interpreted, we need to stop fighting our battle to control our drinking. We are on a hiding to nothing. By surrendering to the fact that we are POWERLESS over our futile attempts to control our drinking we just surrender our will to a power greater than ourselves.


Easy Does It

We use this phrase to remind us that we dont have to live our whole life in just one day. We learn to pace ourselves in everything we do if possible. We do not put things off for tomorrow when they can be done today but we balance the pace at which we do things so we do not get overly stressed.


One Day At A Time

Often referred to as the acronym O.D.A.A.T. this suggests to us that if we can live our lives just one day at a time, then most things take on a different perspective.


Stinking Thinking leads to Drinking

Our recovery programme encourages us to think positively about everything in our lives wherever possible. When unhealthy thoughts come into our mind we try to rid ourselves of them immediately. To dwell upon them could lead us to a state of mind where we might just pick up that first drink -the one that gets us drunk again.


Fly With The Crows -Get Shot With The Crows

We stay out of "wet" places (clubs, pubs, casinos) until we are strong enough in our new found sober way of living to be able to go there without picking up a drink. How long this takes is an individual choice. But if we risk it too early on in our recovery then we are at serious risk of picking up a drink.


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"I am responsible.


When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there.

And for that: I am responsible."


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